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Pforzheimer Reisebüro

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Bahnhofstr. 9,
75172 Pforzheim

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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel
Our quality and environmental management is excellent

Quality has many aspects - and it is deep-seated in our corporate policy. It is reflected in professional processes and our high service focus. We full-heartedly live this special quality: when consulting customers, preparing our offers or offering customer service. We want to build lasting customer relationships. With respect, honesty and fairness. And by strictly fulfilling defined quality standards.

Full respect
We do not only treat our customers, but also our employees, partners and suppliers with high regard and respect. In our day-to-day business, achieving sustainable goals together is far more important than economic aspects. One of our central tasks is to consolidate the quality awareness of all employees and partners to continuously increase customer satisfaction. We are an honest business partner and seek cooperative, lasting relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers.

ISO-certified quality management
Our ISO-certified quality management system and the standards defined in this context are used to achieve top service quality and customer satisfaction - day after day. Our team elaborated this quality management system, which ensures a consistently high service quality and quick response to customers' wishes. Dekra Certification confirmed this in its annual audit: The Corporate Travel division received DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for excellent quality management.

Consistent environment protection
Responsible business: The worldwide increasing travel volume is always a burden for our environment. We, as a travel agency, are aware of our special responsibility in this respect. And we strive to protect resources wherever possible. This involves keeping inevitable environmental impact as low as possible and compensating it, for example, by participating in climate-protection programmes. Periodically, we set targets and elaborate programmes to act in various environmentally relevant fields of action and to keep improving.

Currently, there are three superior goals with regard to environmental protection:

  1. Using less resources and more and more environmentally-friendly materials
  2. Raising awareness for environmental aspects among Lufthansa City Center franchisees and training them in this regard
  3. Adding more sustainable products to our business and leisure travel portfolio.

Lufthansa City Center ist certified by Dekra certification on an annual basis for their exemplary environmental management to the ISO standard 14001.